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It is possible to learn to reduce
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Study the Alexander Technique


Pamela Blanc has established herself with distinction as a prominent teacher of the Alexander Technique with over thirty-nine years of experience teaching the Technique and is the Senior Teacher of Jessica Wolf’s Art of Breathing.

Whether you come to The Alexander Technique to enhance your performance skills, to reduce stress, tensions, backaches & pain or to improve posture & your general well-being, you can benefit from having lessons.

The Alexander Technique is a unique system of physical and mental re-education teaching you to identify your habitual patterns that could be contributing to the level of stress you experience in daily life, habits of movement and habits of thought.

In 1929 a student of Mr. Alexander said, …”the right use of one’s body is too important a thing to be neglected and it might well be a basic factor in preventive medicine.” There is “an intimate association between use and functioning.” 

…the expenditure of unnecessary force is exerted by …practically every person in the ordinary duties of daily life.” 

F. Matthias Alexander

These words are as true today as they were all those years ago. Your kinesthetic sense can be re-educated to be more reliable and your breathing to be more efficient. The Alexander Technique is a study in the “Use of your Self”; a simple and practical method for changing habitual patterns of muscular tension, improving breathing and one’s over all well-being.

How you use your self does affect how you function. If you are malfunctioning, consider changing your manner of use.

The Alexander Technique is designed to give you the tools to change.

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