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Beyond Good Posture

In an Alexander lesson we look for poise, an ease in your coordination. We are looking at the poise of your head and it’s relationship to your neck and back. This is referred to as the head, neck, back relationship or H/N/B. During a lesson, through suggestions with the teacher’s hands and your own thinking, you will come to experience a new relationship of the H/N/B. You will be exploring Mr. Alexander’s theory that the poise of your head on top of your spine influences your overall coordination. Overexertion of the muscles of your neck can create a downward pull on your head. This downward pull of your head can cause your vertebral column (spine) to be compressed. When we release the downward pressure on the vertebrae, the spine can regain its balanced resting length and renewed ease of movement can return to your spine.

Remember poise is contingent upon your H/N/B.


First Blog Post

This is our first blog post. Stay tuned for many more updates.

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