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Alexander Technique


Are you simply living life or living a demanding life,
Working daily at the computer or rehearsing for performances?
How you use your self affects how you function.
If you are malfunctioning,
Consider changing your manner of use.


What is the Alexander Technique?

alexanderBased on the work of F.M. Alexander (1869-1955), The Alexander Technique is a study of the use of your self, a simple and practical method for self-improvement and self-help.  It is a process of discovering how patterns and habits of coordination may interfere with your innate poise and overall coordination.

A basic principle of the Technique is: how you use your self (body & mind), has an affect on your level of functioning. If you are mal-functioning, you could consider changing your manner of use.

The Alexander Technique has been described as a means of self-exploration, as well as a technique of physical re-training.

“It is used by the businessman in an interview, the actor at an audition, the woman in childbirth, the housewife in her work, the pianist at a concert, the singer, the dancer, the golfer, the rider; it is used by a wide variety of people in all situations that require their highest skill and competence.”- Lulie Westfeldt, F. Matthias Alexander, The Man and His Work

“…the expenditure of unnecessary force is exerted by …practically every person in the ordinary duties of daily life. “ 

F. Matthias Alexander

Many of us speak about how “stressed out” we are but have we considered that our response may be adding to the stress?  We can learn to quiet our muscular tension. We can learn to quiet our minds. We can choose our responses.

“Human activity is primarily a process of reacting unceasingly to stimuli…”

F. M. Alexander 
The Use of the Self

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